Five instruments and a gun: Electroacoustic composition

you remember?

Arnold Haberl (Noid)
| Austria
“Five instruments and a gun” | Electroacoustic composition

Electroacoustic concert in the landscape for cello, violin, voice, electronics, river stones, eucalyptus leafs and a gun. The different instruments will be amplified using the echo of the Nodar valley, megaphones and car audio systems.
The author wrote a musical score for the Nodar valley that includes five musicians (Manuela Barile, Rui Costa, Antonio Mainenti, Manuel Paiva and José do Raso), and one conductor (Noid himself). The different indications will be signalized using gunshots (that
could be easily heard all over the valley).
The idea for this piece is connected with another project in which Noid currently works, and that he refers as “friendly takeover”: it’s the idea to play an almost invisible cello in natural sound ambiences, in order to communicate with the ambience, add some information without destroying what is there, and change it without being obvious.
This will also be the strategy for the 5 instruments and a gun, that is working with sounds that are there or could be there, melting with the natural – or better – normal sound of the valley.

and now the MP3

Noid: five instruments and a gun



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